Water damaged laptop repair sutton coldfield

Liquid Damaged Laptop Repairs

Water damaged laptop repair sutton coldfieldIt is a fairly common problem, but what do you do after spilling liquid on your laptop? The good news is, if you act quickly, we can help recover your laptop if liquid is accidently spilt on it.

Immediately after liquid is spilt on your laptop

The key to a successful laptop repair after water or any other liquid is spilt is to act quickly to minimize any damage. Follow these steps as soon as possible after the spill.

  • DO NOT TURN YOUR LAPTOP ON – any liquid on the electronics of your laptop motherboard can cause short circuits when the laptop is turned on and electricity is passed through it. We need to remove the liquid thoroughly before you attempt to turn the laptop on again.
  • Open your laptop fully and turn it upside down so that it rests on the top of the screen and the bottom of the keyboard – in the shape of the letter A. This will allow any liquid to drain away from the more delicate parts of the laptop before any damage is done.
  • Leave the laptop to dry in a well ventilated area but do not heat the laptop to force dry it – placing the laptop on top of a towel on a worktop or similar would be fine, you could also place it in a slightly warm area such as an airing cupboard but do not place it next to a direct heat source such as a radiator. We want the liquid to dry and evaporate naturally.
  • Remove the battery from the laptop

While the laptop is drying out following a liquid spill

Your laptop can take a few days to dry out naturally and if you have only spilt clean water on the laptop this might be sufficient to recover it, if you have spilt anything but plain water you should contact ASC Computers as soon as possible. Any liquids which contain sugars or other sweetening ingredients could potentially corrode and damage the solder joints on the laptop motherboard so just drying such a laptop will leave a residue on the motherboard which could continue corroding the components until it is removed. In this case we would disassemble your laptop, remove the motherboard and any other affected components and clean them with an appropriate alcohol solution before reassembling your laptop and testing it.

Can my laptop be repaired following a liquid spill?

There are many factors which affect the outcome of water damage repairs such as, what liquid was spilt on the laptop, how long the liquid has been in contact with the electronics and how the laptop has been dried out and handled following the liquid spill. If you have been unlucky enough to spill liquid on your laptop, the best option is often to call us about repairing your laptop so we can carry out a professional spill repair. To ensure your satisfaction we will only charge a small upfront fee to perform a liquid damaged laptop repair and will only charge for the remainder of the job if the repair is successful.