data recovery sutton coldfield

Data Recovery Sutton Coldfield

data recovery sutton coldfieldASC Computers can recover data from hard drives, RAID arrays, USB sticks, mobile phones, portable hard drives and many other devices. We can rescue your precious photos, your lost files and even your whole operating system from damage or by accidental deletion by a user.

The amount of data that can be retrieved will vary from case to case and depends on the type of device and the type of fault it has. If you have come here looking for advice after experiencing a problem then the best immediate advice we can offer is:

Turn off your device now and leave it off until you have spoken to us

Because of the way data is written on most devices you may inadvertently write new data over the old data you are trying to retrieve, so to be safe turn off your device and contact ASC Computers

Data recovery is a specialist task and should not be attempted by a novice, working on your device attempting to get your data back will often make it worse and in many cases can make your data unrecoverable.

They say there are 2 types of computer users – those that back up regularly, and those that have never lost anything. If you would like help and advice in avoiding the need for data recovery Sutton Coldfield, then contact us to talk about a backing up system for all your devices tailored to your needs.