PC health checks

PC Home Health Check

computer health checkOver time your computer will start to slow down and become less responsive and enjoyable to use and this is why we offer our Computer Health Check to address some of the following complaints:

When you initially purchase a computer, it normally comes supplied with a few choice programs and a fresh installation of the latest operating system. Once you have owned that computer for a few years you will have applied numerous updates to the operating system, installed many new programs, added all your family photos and videos, and generally made use of the machine you bought. All of this means you are asking the same machine to do more and more operations with the same amount of resources it had initially, it is no wonder the computer seems slower than when you first bought it. By a process of cleaning out unused files, updates, programs and more we can bring your computer back to running much happier.

Our computer health check service involves a thorough inspection of your computer to ensure that it is running at its most efficient. By tidying up files on your computer, removing items no longer used and helping to organise your information more efficiently we normally see a huge increase in the speed, efficiency and responsiveness of computers. Having a faster running PC is not strictly necessary for some simple computing tasks, but having a machine that is smooth and responsive enables you to enjoy using it much more.

We are able to offer any service customised to your needs, but a general heath check for your machine at your home will normally take approximately 1 hour.